Backyard Designs

Backyard Designs takes your property far beyond a few pretty shrubs. The rewards in beauty, quality of life, and home or business value are significant when you invest in exterior design. A great plan is only as good as its installation. It’s vital for homeowners, business operators, and new construction builders. We are proud you have chosen us to provide this essential service in the Valley.

backyard designs

You have chosen the best Backyard Designs contractors in the Valley.

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When you get an outdoor makeover from a full-service Backyard Designs company:

  1. Landscape design and placement: trees, plants, rocks, irrigation and water-conserving Xeriscape

  2. Lighting design and all regular wiring featuring leading edge LED energy saving lighting

  3. Hardscape design with pavers, stones, travertine tile, brick for patios and walkways as well as retaining walls that bring the desert colors and textures home

  4. Water features such as ponds, waterfalls and delightful koi ponds

  5. Amenity Design with BBQ, Fireplace, Patio Covers, Misting Systems.

  6. Electronics design with TV and Stereo Options.

  7. We can design and install anything you can dream up.


backyard designs

Things to consider during the design phase

Consider artificial turf to make the desert green without water; you might choose a putting green to sharpen your short game.Landscape, hardscape and waterscape placement is important

 Hardscaping with pavers combines beauty and function. Paver stones banish the old grey, concrete patio, and give you walkways that tie it all together. Any poolside is more inviting with lovely stone. The shapes range from geometric to classic. Our professional landscape contractors ensure that guests visiting your home or business immediately form an impression of quality when they experience elegant paver surfaces.

  • Stone, travertine tile and brick create outdoor décor in hardscaping. Retaining walls can be transformed in to part of the exterior decorating scheme.

Landscape lighting is the jewel in the crown of outdoor design. Change its character from day to night, with light. Customized LED lighting uses 75% less energy and lasts 50% as long. Combining elegant light with utility savings is win-win.

Show off your yard with lights!

Waterfalls and ponds take your landscape to the next level by artfully combining stone, rock, plants and a flow of water. Imagine water trickling into a decorative pond, cascading into your pool, or gently erasing urban noise. A koi pond brings hardscaping alive. They are a delight to watch and feed.

Landscaping brings trees, plants, rocks, bushes and desert flowers to the vista of your yard.  Who will begin the design with attention to how to keep it watered? This is not simply a set of sprinklers, this is intelligent design to use water wisely and protect your investment in greenery. To save water you will want to consider Xeriscape using plants that need little water.

During your Backyard Designs we will attend to every detail and leave nothing to chance


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Note, per the Arizona Register of Contractors we must state “we are not a licensed contractor”, we are a “Design Consultant”.  With over 4000+ jobs completed as a direct contractor we always have past and current clients for references.  Our job as a consult is to meet with our clients, help our clients find the best product/price for their budget and bring the right installer to the project.  You as the client always have the option to choose whomever you want do the installation, and we as the “Design Consultant” will always guarantee your satisfaction.  Please ask your Design Consultant for any additional clarification of this policy.

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