Fountains Water Features


fountains water features

Fountains Water Features

Fountains Water Features we have created grace homes from Carefree through the Valley and down to Tucson. They make an elegant first impression. As the centerpiece of an entrance, on a patio, or in a backyard, yours can be striking, charming, or fanciful. A pond is restful; fill it with koi and it’s delightful. A waterfall is distinctive. For any mood you want to set – we design and build them exclusively to your wishes.


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The preparation, installation and final touches are all handled by our professional team. You benefit from our expertise in utilizing available space and your existing landscaping, or to remake your yard and grounds with water features as a centerpiece or an accent.

Turn to us for:

  • Ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Koi ponds
  • Reflecting Fountains
  • Water Walls
  • Streams

A pond is an in-ground architectural creation, not a hole in the ground filled with rainwater. The size, location and building materials all impact your property. You can add a statue, or jets to gently shoot water vertically, and water plants. Water features suggest quiet formality. It can be classic or ultra-modern, utilizing tile, masonry or desert stone. Perhaps you want us to create a quiet, meditative area in a corner of your lawn. Others have had us build a garden centerpiece that complements rather than overwhelm the flowers and greenery.

Koi ponds fit “naturally” into outdoor surroundings. You will enjoy sitting on rock ledges to watch the fish; perhaps with a desert rock as a centerpiece to create a living sculpture. Wait until you see how koi come to the edge at feeding time; over time they will just come to “visit” when someone is near. Our understanding of Koi ponds enables you to enjoy little or no maintenance of these water features. You simply enjoy these sociable fish.

Reflecting pools are an option. You can still have the beauty of a Koi pond without the hobby of keeping fish. We will design a reflecting pool with the same beauty and amenities of the fish habitat. The color and movement will be provided by the water plants and a centerpiece such as a pottery piece in a desert color.

Make a statement with a custom waterfall
These water features can perfectly match architecture, or provide a counterpoint. The sound of the water takes you away from the noise of the street and into a place to relax and renew.

How much water noise do you prefer?
We will help you identify how the sound of water impacts design. In close and intimate surroundings, you may prefer sound that doesn’t overwhelm conversation. You can be sure that the sound will be in the background. In the front of a home, you may want water sound to buffer the noise of a busy world. Our customers have consistently requested surrounding landscaping and hardscaping to complete their small garden water features.

Where do you want to locate your waterfall?
Some suggestions: A corner piece on a patio is a popular location to bring peace to the most-used area of a backyard. If it is cascading into an in-ground swimming pool you look like you have a Hawaiian resort at your home and a great place to take a cool splash above water.

You will be delighted with the fountains water features we add to your backyard design
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Fountains Water Features

Note, per the Arizona Register of Contractors we must state “we are not a licensed contractor”, we are a “Design Consultant”.  With over 4000+ jobs completed as a direct contractor we always have past and current clients for references.  Our job as a consult is to meet with our clients, help our clients find the best product/price for their budget and bring the right installer to the project.  You as the client always have the option to choose whomever you want do the installation, and we as the “Design Consultant” will always guarantee your satisfaction.  Please ask your Design Consultant for any additional clarification of this policy.

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