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Landscape lighting brings landscape, homes and businesses out of the shadows, and shines its light on real energy savings and significantly lower replacement costs. Most lights last far longer than standard bulbs or fluorescents. Because you have chosen us to design and install your outdoor lightscape, you will have the benefit of the best innovation in lighting in years, for your home or commercial property.

 outdoor lighting

The only choice that makes money sense these days is landscape Outdoor Lighting
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 Outdoor Lighting

The technology uses far less electricity. Depending on the kind you choose, illuminating your landscape this way uses only about 1/4th of the power of standard bulbs.

The fixtures last longer; 35 to 50 times longer than incandescent lighting and about 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting (according to the US government ENERGY STAR® program for encouraging energy efficiency). That’s a lot longer time between replacing bulbs.

Landscape lighting produces very little heat; in Arizona that is a summertime blessing.

It comes with guarantees — often one year and sometimes up to a three-year warranty.

LED’s won’t shatter like old-technology bulbs. This makes them far safer outdoors, around bare feet.

This type of landscape outdoor lighting produces light in a whole new way
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It converts electricity to light by using the movement of electrons. Until this invention, standard bulb technology had not changed much since Edison invented it. Now it has take a giant leap forward.

LED is perfect for home or buildings, architectural features, gardens, walkways, patios and decks

  1. Automatic daylight shut-off and motion sensors are available on some models

  2. Brightness equals or exceeds last-generation technology (incandescent or fluorescent)

  3. The light distributes well

  4. Light remains consistent over time, only dimming towards the end of its lifetime

  5. Fixtures throw light in any direction, as dramatically or as softly as your lightscape design requires; there are mini-floodlights, larger versions, and micro-spots.

  6. Landscape lighting comes on instantly when turned on, and some models are dimmable

  7. You get pure white light, in either warm or cool shades.

  8. You have a choice of excellent color quality.

  9. It is available in strips, in differing lengths, to illuminate walks or to backlight architecture

  10. The high tech bulbs screw into existing sockets. We can re-lamp your existing lightscape, and install a new design anywhere we can use regular wiring.

There is a fixture for any need. Your design can be a combination of in-ground or above ground; in ponds or pools; for lighting waterfalls; in fact, virtually anywhere lighting is needed for artistic or night safety reasons – on residences and commercial properties.

  • Our landscape lighting is shock and vibration resistant. The technology has been used in electronics indicator lights (for instance, the clock on a DVR) for years. Think about how long they last!

Color lighting is a desert tradition
These types of lights offer what is called RGB technology that contains red, blue and green light emitting diodes. Blue and green merge to create turquoise; green and red combine to produce yellow; red and blue come together to make violet; red, green and blue unite to make white. You have color shades not available in any other light bulbs.

We can set up your landscape outdoor lighting to either move continuously through a pre-set pattern of changing colors, or to stop at any color you like. Change the color at Christmas!


 Outdoor Lighting

You can also re-lamp with our landscape Outdoor Lighting
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Note, per the Arizona Register of Contractors we must state “we are not a licensed contractor”, we are a “Design Consultant”.  With over 4000+ jobs completed as a direct contractor we always have past and current clients for references.  Our job as a consult is to meet with our clients, help our clients find the best product/price for their budget and bring the right installer to the project.  You as the client always have the option to choose whomever you want do the installation, and we as the “Design Consultant” will always guarantee your satisfaction.  Please ask your Design Consultant for any additional clarification of this policy.

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