Phoenix Outdoor Kitchens


Phoenix Outdoor Kitchens

Phoenix Outdoor Kitchens complete outdoor enjoyment and entertaining.  As an extension of your home, Phoenix Outdoor Kitchens allow you to enjoy many months of sheer Arizona pleasure under the start. The design and installation process is simple when you have the right team and at Outdoor Design Creations, we have the team.

phoenix outdoor kitchens

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We love our year-round outdoor climate. Now you can stay outside with your family and guests – and stay out of a hot indoor kitchen any time of year.

Great Phoenix outdoor kitchens enable anyone to be the best outdoor chef with leading edge appliances from only the top names in open air equipment:

  • Gas, electric and charcoal grills
  • Side burners
  • Charcoal cookers
  • Wood pizza ovens
  • Sinks
  • Under-counter refrigerators
  • Wine chillers
  • Dishwashers

Our outdoor kitchens don’t scrimp on storage, counter-top space or shelves. And don’t forget a place for family and guests to pull up a stool and have a drink. Make one side for seating and the other for serving. Your cooking and entertaining space can be full-sized; a more compact cooking island; a built-in barbecue or a fire pit to warm up one of our cool desert nights.

Top five reasons our customers choose our landscape and hardscape firm to create their outdoor kitchens:

  1. Our staff expertise includes LED lighting, stone and masonry work, patio pavers, wall, water feature designers as well as greenery professionals to bring it all together. Trees, irrigation plants, rocks and Xeriscape (landscaping to conserve water) are all fundamental skills we bring to you.

  2. Our teams know how to get the most out of available space and how to combine all of the beautiful materials on the market today.

  3. They are accomplished at making a homeowner’s vision a reality, bringing fresh ideas to you.

  4. We keep on top of all of the latest innovations in design and appliances

  5. Excavation, plumbing and electrical services are all areas of our expertise.

The base of your kitchen can be constructed of masonry, brick or concrete. Granite or tile counter-tops complete your outdoor décor. There are smart, designer cabinets available in stainless steel and warm woods, with all of the drawers and prep space you need.

Have you settled the debate about which grilling fuel works the best for Phoenix outdoor kitchens? If not, let us help with your decision. Some think food prepared over one kind of heat tastes better than another.

  • Built-in electric grills heat up the fastest. Wood chips can be added to add that smoky outdoor cooked flavor.

  • Built-in gas grills also heat up quickly, which is why they have become popular. Wood chips may be added to gas grills for extra flavor. Many outdoor kitchens use gas because it can handle big parties. You can use propane, or natural gas.

  • Built-in charcoal grills produce the flavor associated with barbequing. Charcoal is known to put out steady and predictable heat.

The greatest outdoor kitchens or built-in backyard BBQs turn a patio or pool into a home resort. They extend outdoor living to all hours of the day – mealtime is no exception. They add significant value to real estate. The National Association of Home Builders estimates that outdoor cook areas can add as much 130% of their cost to the purchase price of a home.

Phoenix Outdoor Kitchens

When nothing but the best in Phoenix outdoor kitchens will do for you, let us do them for you
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Note, per the Arizona Register of Contractors we must state “we are not a licensed contractor”, we are a “Design Consultant”.  With over 4000+ jobs completed as a direct contractor we always have past and current clients for references.  Our job as a consult is to meet with our clients, help our clients find the best product/price for their budget and bring the right installer to the project.  You as the client always have the option to choose whomever you want do the installation, and we as the “Design Consultant” will always guarantee your satisfaction.  Please ask your Design Consultant for any additional clarification of this policy.

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