Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass Installer who is a landscaper? Who better? Our skill is creating exceptional outdoor spaces. Modern synthetic grass is water-conserving; desert-enhancing; and is often combined with living greenery. It makes a superb personal putting green, which is one of our services. There is no better choice than a landscape contractor to introduce artificial grass to your home or commercial property.

synthetic grass


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Wait until you see what they’ve done to make synthetic grass impressive –

The “blades of grass” are made of nylon or polypropylene polymer (an advanced plastic). It is either cut in strips or molded. The result of this ultra-modern manufacturing is blades that feel more like organic grass, and act like it when stepped on. Materials have been improved to wear better, resist fading in the sun, and appear similar to natural grass. It doesn’t look fake anymore!

The finished product is tufted, in the same way carpet manufacturers using tufting of nylon or natural fibers. Now it’s ready for your artificial turf.

Top five reasons to choose artificial grass

  1. No mowing, weeding or fertilizing
  2. Low maintenance
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Dog-friendly
  5. Conserves water for nearby biological plantings

Putting greens More than two dozen PGA pros own putting greens that are the work of a professional installer. There is no better recommendation for using synthetic grass to improve your short game. A backyard putting green adds fun to a party, par to your game and an alternative to greens fees.

Having artificial turn put in will mean your home putting green has features you’d find on the course, expertly constructed, and as realistic as any well-groomed path to the flag.

Professional installation is essential

  • First, a professional landscaper removes any existing sod. If you have chosen to use it elsewhere it must be pulled properly.
  • The ground must be compacted to make the best possible surface. This generally requires what is called a vibrating plate compactor, which is professional-grade equipment.
  • Before the Synthetic Grass is installed, we apply weed and grass killer to the dirt.
  • We lay a sub-base. You don’t want to feel these rocks underfoot. We know how to lay it expertly.
  • The next step to installing artificial turf is to cut out the grass. It is cut to size. This is one of the common mistakes do-it-yourselfers make: they cut inaccurately and can waste an entire piece.
  • Finally we seam the Grass. A professionally seamed synthetic lawn has less noticeable seams than indoor carpet.
  • Easy maintenance

You can periodically wash your artificial turf with liquid dish soap in water. There are cleaning guns that attached to your hose to make quick work of it.

If the turf is flattened by lawn furniture or putters, all you need to do is rake against the grain. Of, you can have your turf ‘fluffed’’ once or twice per year.


Consumer experts recommend you hire a professional for your artificial turf

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Synthetic Grass



Note, per the Arizona Register of Contractors we must state “we are not a licensed contractor”, we are a “Design Consultant”.  With over 4000+ jobs completed as a direct contractor we always have past and current clients for references.  Our job as a consult is to meet with our clients, help our clients find the best product/price for their budget and bring the right installer to the project.  You as the client always have the option to choose whomever you want do the installation, and we as the “Design Consultant” will always guarantee your satisfaction.  Please ask your Design Consultant for any additional clarification of this policy.

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